Stonebridge Church traces its beginnings back to a “mission church” in Minneapolis led by Pastor Robert Martin. This church plant was associated with Apostolic Bible Institute, where Pastor Martin taught and served as Vice President. Services were held on Sunday nights from 1943 to 1948 with the church originally being called Apostolic Gospel Church. The church met in a few various locations around Minneapolis from 1943 until 1967 when the church relocated to Emerson Ave in Bloomington.  

In 1977 Pastor Martin installed Ken Benson, who had already been serving along with his wife Ruth for many years, as pastor. The Bensons offered faithful, steady leadership to the church for 38 years. In 2007 Pastor Benson and the Elders led the move of the church to its current location in Burnsville.  

Kurt Jusczak became lead pastor in July of 2015.  In this role Pastor Kurt has focused on helping people come to a complete understanding of who they are in Christ to experience a life of freedom amid a broken, chaotic world. His focus is to build a strong culture of discipleship at Stonebridge Church to ensure that both individuals and families grow to be established and strong in their faith in Jesus. He believes becoming a successful servant of the Lord allows us to live the abundant life God has for us.

Stonebridge Church is associated with the International Ministerial Association (IMA). The IMA is an association of independent churches and ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ that have come together to strengthen relationships and be active in service and effective outreach. They provide licensing, credentials, accountability, and covering for churches and ministers. Pastor Kurt Jusczak was the chairman of the North Central District for 2 years before being appointed to the IMA National Board in September of 2019. Pastor Chad Hayes was also elected to serve on the IMA National Board in September.